Transit – Jennifer advocates for increased and financially accessible transportation being extended to North Eugene to help parents get to work downtown. These options need to be affordable and efficient.

Public Safety – With two of the most dangerous roads in Eugene being within Harlow Neighborhood, Jennifer knows our priorities include keeping people safe on the roads and supporting first responders.

Affordable Housing – Jennifer knows there is a need for affordable housing in North Eugene and supports new development that will support low income families while protecting community parks and wildlife.

New Businesses – Jennifer wants to encourage entrepreneurship,  help local businesses, support innovative development, that moves our city forward in meaningful ways.


Environment – As a parent, Jennifer wants to create a sustainable and environmentally responsible city government that will benefit generations to come. Jennifer will find ways to help local businesses and residents participate in this larger community conversation.

Community Voice & Participation – As a local leader, Jennifer advocated for community involvement and bringing people together to work on projects such as land-use and the creation and protection of public parks. Jennifer would like North Eugene to have a clear voice on city issues by fostering a well-connected neighborhood.

Schools – As an enthusiastic supporter of education, Jennifer helped create Feed Hope, a program which aids students facing food insecurity at Bertha Holt Elementary School. Jennifer also advocated for Safe Routes to Schools and continues to be a champion for education. Jennifer aims to help create positive learning environments for all students through the cooperation between neighborhoods and local schools.