Jennifer moved to Eugene to attend the University of Oregon and quickly fell in love with the tree-lined streets, fun local shops, and numerous cultural activities. Even though she and her husband had to move from Eugene, they knew they wanted to come back. They moved back in time for their first child to attend kindergarten in the 4J School District, and they’ve been here ever since.

Jennifer teaches her children that when you find something important to you: figure out how you can help and do it! This philosophy led to her involvement with her neighborhood association, Harlow Neighbors, and 10 years of neighborhood activism involvement.
In 2017, Jennifer was appointed to represent Ward 4 on the Eugene City Council, where she’s continued to be an outspoken advocate for her community.

Jennifer on the issues

Jennifer is the only candidate in this race with a clear agenda on the issues facing Ward 4 residents. 

Affordable Housing & homelessness

Jennifer understands the need for affordable housing in Eugene and has consistently supported measures to support low-income families and protect renters. Jennifer has pushed for inclusive zoning laws that would make space for more people rather than shut them out.

Public Safety 

With two of the most dangerous roads in Eugene being within Harlow Neighborhood, Jennifer prioritizes keeping people safe on the roads and supporting first responders. As a member of the Eugene Police Commission, Jennifer has pushed to maintain public safety funding while also addressing and reforming injustices in policing.


As a parent, Jennifer is committed to creating sustainable and environmentally responsible policies that will benefit Eugene for generations to come. As a city councilor, Jennifer has supported innovative new measures to combat the climate crisis, including the decarbonization and electrification of all buildings by 2045.


 Jennifer advocates for increased and financially accessible transportation being extended to North Eugene to help parents get to work downtown. As a city councilor, Jennifer has supported increases in transportation infrastructure that would expand bus lines while improving road safety, including the Moving Ahead project.

Community Voice 

Jennifer has strived to bring people together as both a local leader and city councilor. Jennifer helped push for the Healthy Democracy panel to receive local input on housing policy, and created an ad hoc committee to suggest changes and improvements on police policy. Jennifer understands the importance of North Eugene having a clear voice on city issues. 


Jennifer has long been an enthusiastic supporter of public education. As a neighborhood activist, Jennifer helped create Feed Hope, a program which aids students facing food insecurity, and advocated for Safe Routes to Schools. As city councilor, Jennifer has worked with 4J officials and board members, and supports funding for after-school programs.


Jennifer has been actively involved in securing funding for a new 8-acre park on Grand Cayman Dr. N. and Antiqua Dr., currently scheduled to open in fall 2022.